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Cricket Terms

The cricket terms were largely borrowed from this Wikipedia page.

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RT @GCBCricket: 🏏👏 Week 16 Batting Board is up! Congratulations to James Campbell of @TheWoodiesCC for topping the table with his 168! And…

10:06 am - 19th August 2021

RT @GCBCricket: 🏏batting boards are up! 👋to Olly Sharp of @StapletonCC for coming in at No 1 with his 182 which secures the No 9 slot natio…

12:41 pm - 5th August 2021

RT @GCBCricket: Batting boards are up! 👏 to Max Richards of @WbourneCC for topping the table with his 238 and coming in at No 2 nationally…

10:17 pm - 4th August 2021